Placement Cell

The student development process at Dr. R. D. Gardi Educational Campus begins with enrollment and continue throughout graduation and beyond. Each stage is managed efficiently for an excellent learning outcome, from building an optimal learning environment throughout their time in college to eventually obtaining prestigious positions or getting started their entrepreneurial path.


  • To improve student's employability skills through various training programs and workshops.
  • To make the placement and internship process easier.
  • Provide students with opportunities for employment.
  • Interacting with and strengthening relationships between potential and current recruiters.

Aptitude assessment

Dr. R. D. Gardi educational campus teaching-learning technique is designed to assist students acquire both the conceptual and practical aspects of the subject, aided by innovative life-based solutions.


Students are introduced to numerous internship programs beginning in their pre-final year, allowing them to gain hands-on experience and upskill themselves. Internships expose individuals to industry people, processes, and environments, as well as a deeper knowledge of their objectives and goals.